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XSGrowth Home FAQ Basmati Rice Damage in Haryana

Basmati Rice Damage in Haryana

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Q: Can blast damage Basmati rice in Haryana this year as rainfall was poor and there was only some rain in second fortnight of August? - H...

A: Keep a vigil. Outbreak may take place if night temperature remains 20-260 C, relative humidity 90% and above for a week during neck emergence. For control, spray 200 grams of carbendazim or 200 ml of Hinosan or 120 grams of tricyclazole dissolved in 200 litres of water per acre with first appearance of  symptoms. - Dr. MP Srivastava

Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 September 2009 04:46  


International Technological Achievements Award Conferred on Dr. M. P. Srivastava

Global consultant on plant health and former Director Planning & Head, Plant Pathology of Haryana Agricultural University, Prof. M.P. Srivastava has been bestowed upon with “International Technological Achievements Award” on February 9, 2014.

Photo: Dr M P Srivastava [Extreme R] receiving the award

The award was given in recognition of his internationally acclaimed contribution on Plant Healthcare Technology and its dissemination towards mitigating crop losses and promoting plant health clinic worldwide. The award instituted by EET CRS, was given to him by presenting a memento and Certificate of Excellence in a glittering function in Noida on 9th of February 2014. Dr Srivastava has shared his innovations in reducing crop losses and strengthening food security at several occasions in India and at International Congresses at Edinburgh 1998, New Zealand 2003, Beijing 2013.