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Lemons Splitting

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Q: My lemons on the tree are splitting before they are ripe. I had added some zinc near the roots, but is there any other way to save. Maybe my zinc was less in amt. Also can anything help at this stage. My 9ft Chakotara tree gets nearly 200 flowers in spring but finally all fall down. I have tried no watering during the flower time but does not help. I have one growing to full size every year. - M....


A: Prolonged drought followed by heavy irrigation or downpour is primarily responsible for splitting or cracking of citrus fruits. Provide only light irrigation while fruits are approaching maturity; avoid over flooding.

Flower and fruit dropping in citrus results due to various stress particularly severe drought or excessive watering. Provide light irrigation, and repeat as per need or after a week but don't allow the root zone to stagnate for a long period. May spray 20 ppm of NAA at flowering and second a month after fruit set. Consult your local Horticulture Officer for further detail. - Dr. MP Srivastava


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Dismayed at the growing concrete jungle in Gurgaon and mindful of horrors of global warming, Dr. Srivastava has since started a movement of sorts by planting saplings of Peepal and Neem in the Millenium City. His group is called APPAN (Awareness Promotion for Peepal and Neem).

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