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XSGrowth Home FAQ Pesticide in Kitchen Garden

Pesticide in Kitchen Garden

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Q: Can we use pesticide in kitchen garden? - G...

A: Avoid using pesticide in kitchen garden. Never apply on leafy vegetables such as coriander, spinach, fenugreek, mustard, radish, garlic etc. If necessary, you may apply malathion 1.5-2.0 ml diluted in a litre of water in crops like brinjal, okra, bitter gourd. Follow a waiting period of 5 days before you harvest/pick fruits. You may apply neem-based insecticide. Pesticides are poisonous; handle with care, and keep them beyond the reach of children. - Dr. MP Srivastava



Dismayed at the growing concrete jungle in Gurgaon and mindful of horrors of global warming, Dr. Srivastava has since started a movement of sorts by planting saplings of Peepal and Neem in the Millenium City. His group is called APPAN (Awareness Promotion for Peepal and Neem).

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