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Insect Problem

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Q: I have a small garden, but with many types of flowering plants. Since last two years during July and August, an insect (the size of a bhanwra) with red &black striped wings is eating away every flower. They are inumerable, found on almost every flower in my garden- hibiscus, rose, trumpet flower, golden shower, carnation, boganvillia, even flowers of vegetables. They eat away at the bud stage itself. Spray is ineffective as they fly away. Kindly suggest some remedy. I shall be greatly obliged. - A....

A: These are blister beetles  damaging the flowers and flower buds. Collecting through insect nest and destroying by crushing is the best option. Do wear gloves during operation. Alternatively spray 0.5 ml of Decis diluted in 1 litre of water or 2ml of endosulphan or 2 gm of carbaryl insecticide diluted in 1 litre of water. Repeat after 10 days if required. If spraying on vegetables, do observe 1 week waiting period before you harvest for consumption. - Dr. MP Srivastava

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 August 2009 09:08  


Dismayed at the growing concrete jungle in Gurgaon and mindful of horrors of global warming, Dr. Srivastava has since started a movement of sorts by planting saplings of Peepal and Neem in the Millenium City. His group is called APPAN (Awareness Promotion for Peepal and Neem).

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